Recommended haircuts for women over 50, but who want to stand out wherever they go |  Fashion |  Magazine

Recommended haircuts for women over 50, but who want to stand out wherever they go | Fashion | Magazine

Today’s woman has a very clear concept: fashion is one thing and what’s good for you is another. The art of flirting and femininity is hitting a middle ground that gives you that updated look without offending your style and personality, whether you’re 20, 30, or 50.

The current style focuses more on a number of personal aspects of women than on age itself. Among the factors to consider, according to Trendencias, are:

  • The type of face, which has to do with volumes, contours, lines.
  • The cranial structure.
  • The characteristics: type of nose, ears, separation between the eyes, cheekbones.
  • Height, which affects the length to choose.
  • The silhouette, which determines the volumes of the cut.
  • The width of the shoulders, to know if you can opt for a straight, curved or pointed shape.
  • The height and width of the neck, the length of the base and the shape of the neck or perimeter.
  • The width and height of the forehead.
  • The hair implant and swirls that determine whether or not you choose to wear bangs.
  • The type and nature of the hair, as well as the state in which it is found.
  • Hair color, natural or with chlorination, works.
  • The emotional state.
  • Lifestyle.
  • The budget you want to dedicate to it.
The shoulder width determines whether you can choose a straight, curved or pointed shape. Photo: Pexel.

The five haircuts that enhance the mane of fine hair, to give them a feeling of volume and versatility

Recommended haircuts for women over 50

After having exposed all these considerations, the question arises: what to do at 50, follow the trend or bet on the classic? The stylist consulted by Trendencias replies that both options are valid.

You can start with a model of the moment or an iconic actress from the past as a reference.

wavy hair

A layered cut with a soft graduation on the front, ideal for wavy and wavy hair.

masculine style

Another option would be a pixie with a lot of volume. It’s a haircut shorter at the nape of the neck and temples and slightly longer at the top, according to the Schwarzkopf page.

What you need to do so that the hair dye lasts longer and the color looks freshly painted

The pixie style is flattering for fine hair with little volume. Photo: Pexel.

medium and easy

The Clavicut smoothes the cheekbones and jaw. It is a cut at the height of the collarbone that favors all types of face and hair. It is perfect for medium defined hair with a lot of movement.

A classic reinvented

The Posh Bob, which is slim, jaw-cut and eye-catching, will never go out of style, with its short asymmetry in the back and long in the sideburns. (I)

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