Rihanna: Because a sexy pregnant is still news

Rihanna: Because a sexy pregnant is still news

What Rihanna wears or doesn’t wear on a daily basis is making headlines around the world. Ever since the Barbadian singer announced her pregnancy in late January, the internet has been plagued with articles and photos that follow her outfits and style choices, as if they were a feat or even a challenge. A piece of news that shows how the fact that a pregnant woman decides to show her body continues to attract attention. And it is that these images escape the deep collective imagination that is still held on a pregnant woman whose image is linked to romance and tenderness. Or even procrastination.

With her belly in the air, short t-shirts, gala dresses with transparencies or high heels, what the singer did moved public opinion, which instead of criticizing her, highlighted the empowerment with which she flaunts her belly and she. body to the world. And although previously famous as Demi Moore, Cindy Crawford, Britney Spears or Serena Williams had already posed in dresses at that stage, Rihanna exhibits it as something more sexy and natural.

On the local scene, Chilean Mon Laferte also left a string of such titles after passing through the 2021 Latin Grammy: Mon Laferte surprised with a dress that showcased her pregnancy; Mon Laferte and the extravagant outfit she wore her pregnancy.

For Sofía Calvo, journalist director of Quinta Trends and author of The revolution of bodies, this is nothing new: “There are many women, from the indigenous onwards, who have shown the body and motherhood because they are not associated with that worldview of the virgin mother. In 2017 Beyonce did a photo shoot to announce her pregnancy and now Rihanna is sporting it, breaking down the more traditional stereotype of motherhood and taking it to a more sensual level. And it is that motherhood, especially at the Latin American level, is linked to the virgin and that in some way it has populated our history. This breaks the pattern a little because, in addition, in the African American world there is another way of conceiving the body, a much freer way, “she explains.

For Ann Cramer Renée, academic and author of the book on celebrity pregnancies Pregnant with the stars: look and want the big belly of celebrities, the singer uses fashion to establish a vengeful stance. He tries to establish the message that personal identity does not end with motherhood. What Rihanna does is say, ‘I’m still a person and I’m my person,’ “says Cramer, quoted in a column of the New York Times. Rihanna can be “autonomous, powerful and herself, even in creating a life,” she added.

Calvo believes that, beyond the structural changes that this phase entails, pregnancy should not put further pressure on women. “The perception of a person’s body changes. It can change positively or negatively. This is all part of a patriarchy story that women have to pay much more attention to their bodies than men at any point in their lives, ”he adds.

Rihanna herself has addressed the issue in recent statements. “It’s so fun to dress up. I will not let that part go away because my body is changing and it has called for a redefinition of what is considered decent for pregnant women. “My body is doing amazing things right now and I won’t be ashamed of it. This moment should feel like a celebration. Why should you hide your pregnancy? A statement of principles that might encourage other pregnant women to feel comfortable with their body and stop hiding it.