robbery foiled in a sportswear store –

robbery foiled in a sportswear store –

Another robbery attempt foiled by the Predation Crimes Unit of the Local Police, which for a few weeks has also been serving in the Sestri Ponente area as well as in the city center. The “target” was the Foot Locker store, where AS, a 25-year-old man of Moroccan origin, without a fixed address and with a police record, tried to steal a pair of pants and a fanny pack, without being able to do so thanks to the intervention of the patrol.

In reality, the man was already known to the PL agents: just the day before, Tuesday, February 22, he was referred to the judicial authority by personnel from the Predation Crimes Unit for aggravated robbery in the Upim and Snipes stores, in via XX. September . Late yesterday afternoon, when they noticed him wandering suspiciously in front of some commercial establishments in Sestri Ponente, the Núcleo operators decided to pay attention to him, anticipating that he could commit similar crimes. What really happened.

After a quick visit to a tobacconist, where he limited himself to stealing a piece of candy, and after being immediately taken out of a clothing store by the staff present, AS approached the tables of a bar, at the foot of which he had observed a bag. , apparently left unattended. The man began to rummage through the envelope; then, probably having found nothing to interest him, he set off again in the direction of Piazza Baracca until he reached the Foot Locker store. After inspecting the store, he made his way to a rack, from which he took a fanny pack which he quickly stuffed into his clothing. At that moment he was approached by a store employee, who had not noticed the robbery; to drive him away and continue acting without being disturbed, he asked for another product.

Once again alone near the display table, the man grabbed a pair of name-brand gym pants, trying to violently break through the anti-theft device. The maneuver, however, was unsuccessful: in the meantime, the employee returned. After briefly conferring with him and taking advantage of another moment of distraction from the store clerk, AS headed for the exit. However, unable to remove the anti-theft plates, he activated the barriers and the alarm. The agents of the Predation Crimes Unit, who had witnessed the scene from the beginning, stopped him and took him to the local police offices to identify him, since he had no documents.

Having been caught red-handed, the man was subjected to a search. Medications containing psychotropic substances for which a prescription is required, which he did not have, were also found in his backpack. He was arrested by AS for aggravated robbery with violence against things and for the seizure of medications containing psychotropic substances.