Role Clothing, the sportswear company inspired by the fashion of the seventies

Role Clothing, the sportswear company inspired by the fashion of the seventies

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The world of sport has become one of the hottest fields in both fashion and beauty. As for the clothes, the workout clothes have remained in the background for years. But now, with the trend Athletics on the streets, sports teams are at the forefront.

According to several studies, what we wear to go to the gym also affects our motivation and performance.

Do you train the same day you go with an outfit you love like the day you go with a promotion shirt and a bad bow? Choose a Look adequate arguments. Not only will it make us more comfortable, but it will also maintain a better attitude.

With this in mind, rosa lopezone of influencer more fitness on the national scene, he decided to create something different with the idea of revolutionize the world of sport and fashion.

López wanted to shape a brand that changed the rules of sports fashion and he was focused helping all women to reach and exceed their goals. Thus it was born Role clothing.

70s inspiration

Role Clothing represents a concept that transcends the sports field. The brand combines the balance between aesthetics and functionality in a design of garments inspired by the sports fashion of the seventies by its most fresh.

The draftsman Cristina Collina was commissioned to develop the exclusive designs. Hill has the ability to do this favor to all women, adapt to curves and provide maximum support for any sporting practice.

Furthermore, all of the clothes they adapt to trends and are prepared for any occasion.

The brand was born in 2020 in Ibiza, in the middle of a chaotic year with the idea of ​​creating something different and hasn’t stopped growing since. “The role is a reflection of our style and a brand dedicated to the appreciation of art and aesthetics. We support success, positivity and growth. Our goal is to inspire you to reach and exceed your goals. ”

Role clothing is based on four values: community, perseverance, leadership and passion. the of Community because the brand is made up of a group of empowered and like-minded women who work to achieve their goals.

Perseverance while their products are processed until they have found the right ones for them. “We are not prepared for the future, we are the future”. Y command Y passion because in everything they do they are faithful to their vision and do not consider the idea either too big or too small.

Chosen by ‘fitness influencer’

Role clothing garments they are succeeding on instagram and there are many fitness influencer who have at least one set of role-playing clothing among their favorites.

They are garments that make them feel comfortable and safe when doing sports with good breathability, adaptation of the fabric to the body and avoid skin irritation.

In addition, the company also has a packaging ecological which has conquered a large number of users.