Rosa Benito signs the most modern jeans capable of rejuvenating any look after the 60s

Rosa Benito signs the most modern jeans capable of rejuvenating any look after the 60s

Rosa Benito’s wardrobe is full of garments capable of ‘removing years’ whatever your age

At 66, Rosa Benito can boast of having an enviable figure. Little sport friend, the collaborator of ‘It’s already noon’ doesn’t hide that she takes great care of her nutrition. Just a few months ago, she revealed that she strictly follows intermittent fasting, and judging by her noticeable results, it works very well for her.

Aside from her beauty tricks, this time around we want to focus on her taste for fashion. Rosa Benito knows exactly which of her clothes fit her well and even if she is proud to celebrate her birthday he knows how to ‘take’ years off. This Thursday she surprised us with some trendy-laden jeans that we got to see very well at the popular Coachella Festival and that hijacked all the prominence of his latest look.

It is about flared jeans with fringed hem They adapt perfectly to his silhouette. It’s that detail, maximum trend in the face of good weather, what instantly rejuvenates any look whatever your age. Rosa Benito paired it in the simplest way, a printed shirt with a white collar that can be seen in the photograph she posted on Instagram and a long knitted coat to face this unexpected cold wave in the middle of spring.

In case the pants are not necessary, the ex-wife of Amador Mohedano She put the icing on her work outfit with white sneakers with a shiny toe.. A fresh, comfortable and practical bet for off-road women like her who aren’t tied to an age group when it comes to looking in the mirror.

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Rosa Benito’s wardrobe is full of very versatile garments full of bright colors. In the most elegant or casual version of her, her proposals leave no one indifferent and are able to regenerate at any age. Who gives the most?