Shops in Bizkaia: why do all Bizkaia companies offer trench coats?

Shops in Bizkaia: why do all Bizkaia companies offer trench coats?

Let’s talk about fundamental pieces in our wardrobe. Jeans, striped t-shirts, blazers and, of course, a good trench coat. A classic and timeless garment that stands the test of time. In fact, it can be found at the bottom of the wardrobe of three generations without difficulty. In the cinema it is an intrinsic part of the looks of mysterious detectives and in real life it is the indispensable piece of the most elegant women in town. It has the power to resolve our vote every day in the blink of an eye; and no, he never disappoints, since his versatility is from another planet. He is a light garment, but it adapts perfectly to colder climates thanks to the layering. He also provides a sophisticated touch and allows for all kinds of combinations, as he can be worn with urban garments and even with a jumpsuit. These could be some of the reasons that prompted Biscayan companies to come up with their own version. If you were thinking of buying a trench coat this spring, but want to get away from the designs offered by department stores, take a look at these original ‘made in Bizkaia’ designs and choose your favorite.

‘2dB’: the ‘sirimiri proof’ trench coat

The bags of Isabel Alberdi and Marlene Salgado have permeated the women of the country. These accessory-loving entrepreneurs decided to found “2dB” in 2017, their “made in Bilbao” accessories company to change their professional life. Since then, they have offered their unique designs in their “showroom” located at 19 Alameda Mazarredo and through their website. Among its models stands out the Sarea line, which reinvents the ‘smaller’ bags and helps people at risk of social exclusion to have a “second chance”. But this spring, her merchandise went beyond accessories with the launch of her first piece: the ‘sirimiri proof’ trench coat.

The trench line, launched a few weeks ago, is here to stay. “We have been working on the garment for two years. We wanted to design a basic piece, but at the same time special and that convey something of our own like sirimiri ”, explains Isabel Alberdi. The label of the garment reads perfectly: «In the Basque Country there is a name for rain, sirimiri. Okay, smooth and steady. Something that has marked its style ».

The trench coat follows the brand’s philosophy. The garment is made in the social workshops of the Peñascal Cooperative with waterproof technical fabric. At the moment, they are available in three colors: khaki green, beige and black. The definitive detail that differentiates them are the letters that appear on the back: ‘sirimiri proof’. You will find this original trench coat in two sizes, M and L, and it costs 173 euros. Since its launch, they ensure that it has been very well received. “It is a design that makes Euskadi people living abroad particularly excited”, say Isabel and Marlene, who start to trace a path in the textile world with this trench coat. “We are committed to a ‘slow fashion’ which we hope will gradually permeate our customers,” they say. Following this path, they are already preparing other garments, such as skirts.

Mercules: ‘oversized’ trench coat with ‘very collar’

The incursion of the Biscay accessories company Mercules into the textile territory took place last summer. After designing unique leather bags and opening three stores in our country – the most recent in Bilbao -, the brand founded more than a decade ago by Mercedes Gallego and Alejandra O’Shea has added casual sweatshirts with the logo of the brand name. A few months ago, business owners surprised with a black leather coat. “We have always wanted to design classic garments,” underlines Mercedes. And the last boss saw the light only a few days ago. It is a long and light trench coat in organic cotton with an “oversize” cut and a “vichy” print lining.

“I wanted a loose model with a long neck to be able to close it,” says Mercedes. The company offers the design in one size and three colors (black, beige and red) for 315 euros. It is available on its website and in its three stores in our country, including the one in the town center, in Calle Telésforo Aranzadi number 1. «I’m here to stay and even more so after the success they are enjoying. We will change its color and the pattern of the inner lining every season, ”he assures. And yes, incorporating other garments is on his plan. “We have already taken care of it. We have not done it before because it does not give me life,” Mercedes acknowledges.


Waterproof. The name of this new brand leaves no room for imagination. Nine letters that have the simplicity of an eternal base inscribed in their DNA. “He is a boss who implicitly carries that English influence that we have always had in Bilbao”, explain Lore Belaza and Ane Miren Zalbidegoitia, founders of the company. “We always need these garments, not seasonally,” they say. This is why the Biscay entrepreneurs wanted to focus on insurance in their first capsule collection, transforming it into a timeless proposal based on earth tones and dove gray colors, characteristic of traditional models.

They are made from organic cotton, both inside and out, and are locally produced, as they managed to make them in a small workshop in Bilbao. “The fact that they were sustainable and environmentally friendly was one of our main premises when creating the brand.” Following the ‘genderless’ trend, and since it has always been used indiscriminately by men and women, they opt for a wide and ‘oversized’ silhouette, with a size ranging from S / M to M / L to embrace all audiences. Its printed liners became another of its big claims, thanks to a first run of two designs, in Scottish Scottish and Vichy, which few could resist.

His first collection was a complete success. Proof of this is that the trench coats of this Biscay company literally flew in a few months from the Belaza Gallery, the shop run by Lore in Plaza Arriquíbar number 5. However, they reassure all those who are left without trench coats. “They are out of stock, but we expect early delivery. Plus, they can be purchased in a new color: navy blue, “they advance.

Eder Aurre

The first model of the Eder Aurre gabardine collection.

The designer Eder Aurre has always had a very special niche for outdoor garments in his proposals on the catwalk. «They are the protagonist pieces of my collections. I usually include one or two powerful designs. I like to present them with nothing underneath, that is, as a unique piece ”, specifies the 28-year-old couturier who has made a name for himself in the fashion industry in our area. After the success of his line of sweatshirts and tailored dresses, which continue to fascinate brides and the most elegant guests, his strong predilection for these outer garments led him to launch his first trench capsule collection on the market. “They are items that the customer can wear every day. Of course, they keep the sophisticated essence of the brand, “he adds.

The first model of the Eder Aurre gabardine collection.

The four models he will launch at the end of next month were designed as a result of the trench coat that complements his latest collection, Elikonia. “This garment, which has a touch of design but at the same time is very commercial, has had a great response”, he points out of this trench coat with a green and purple floral print. The garments are made with sustainable cotton and some of them will be waterproof. “The pleated fabric on the back will be natural silk or crepe,” specifies the designer. In total, he will offer five different models: one with lime shades, another with orange colors and a slightly shorter one, among others. Drawings that he will sell on request and which will take five days to leave his atelier in Portugalete.

The first model of the Eder Aurre gabardine collection.

The news of the launch of this Eder Aurre trench collection has caused a furore, so it’s already thinking about marketing other garments that it has uploaded to the catwalk.

‘Stillalive’ by Oihana Barasa

Oihana Barrasa with her dog Sugus dressed in your signature “Stillalive”.

The confinement and postponement of weddings in the wake of the covid prompted bridal designer Oihana Barasa to reinvent herself and launch ‘Stillalive’ (‘I’m still alive’ in English), a brand of sweatshirts and outerwear with a military essence. “My husband, Iñaki, and I love this type of clothing,” she says. After the success of her first collection, the creative has already ready the second proposal for next autumn-winter, which will be available in August in numerous multi-brand stores in our country and also in Portugal. “You can also ask us through the brand’s social networks,” she says. The new line consists of 70 models, including a trench coat. “I’ve always been a lover of men’s models, but in the end the trench coats end up penetrating. I wanted to include a model of this style, but waterproof. As my husband says, ‘it’s the jewel in the crown,’ ”she says with a smile.

Oihana Barrasa with her dog Sugus dressed in your signature “Stillalive”.

The design will be available in navy blue, black and khaki green in a few months. “But if they ask us through our social networks, we can send it to them in a month”, says the designer, who has her atelier in Zalla. It is a piece that has come to stay. “It will be there every season, we will only include special colors,” she explains. It costs 225 euros and there is also a matching hat and even a raincoat for your dog.