#SOY From “unisex” fashion to genderless fashion – El Sol de México

#SOY From “unisex” fashion to genderless fashion – El Sol de México

Fashion invites us to remove prejudices. The trend is to feel comfortable regardless of gender. The skirt is now for them too … and the heels too.

This is how the most exceptional designers dictate it, inviting you to feel free no matter what they say. The proposal is based on openness and radiant appearance regardless of whether they are sequins, a lipstick red, a bag, a pearl necklace or whatever is in the closet.

It’s all a question of fashion genderless which is becoming a real phenomenon, also exhibited by prominent celebrities of the show such as Maluma, J. Balvin, Justin Bieber or Harry Styles, among others who wore the skirt as part of their Look in their presentations.

“Fashion evolves and changes, it is a living being that the only thing it does is reflect a way of thinking and living the society of that moment.

“Although fashion was unisex years ago, today it is genderless, and what it tries to do is allow anyone, regardless of gender or identity, to wear it. Thanks to it, people can dress exactly as they feel, ”says Bernat Sanromà, director of the Master in Brand Communication at EsDesign Escuela Superior de Diseño.

The expert says gender boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred in the fashion industry, with younger generations showing a growing interest in genderless clothing.

“The trend isn’t new these days, but it has certainly gained momentum, especially with global stars like Harry Styles banning gender notions from their wardrobes … From bags and shoes to coats and shirts, the ready to wear (Ready to wear) Gender-free is booming in the fashion world right now, ”she adds.

It can be said that people no longer want to be governed by fashion preconceptions. Jaden Smith, Will Smith’s son, is considered one of the leading standard bearers of genderless fashion, sporting a chic look in a leather jacket and skirt while filming a Louis Vuitton ad campaign for women in 2016.

“This trend reflects that the social creations of masculinity and femininity are increasingly diluted. Clothes are no longer a tool that defines what a man or woman should wear. Men with skirts or women with trousers and ties, why not? Who decides what each person can bring? This is the main argument behind genderless fashion, that a person should wear the clothes with which she feels most comfortable and identified, ”says Sanromà.

Another of the international brands promoting this idea is Gucci, which recently launched the MX line with garments for all body types and silhouettes consisting of jackets, trousers, skirts and other models.

In Mexico there are also genderless clothing companies such as Guillermo Jester, a brand based on indigenous clothing to adapt it to our days through the hands and creativity of Chiapas artisans.

Unisex fashion in history

To understand the birth of unisex fashion, you have to go back to Greece. The usual clothes for men and women were the tunic and a cloak. There is no doubt that the way we dress has been closely linked to gender throughout our history.

“An example of this can be found in an oil on panel from the year 1514, The money changer and his wifeby the Flemish school painter Quentin Matsys, where the two people are dressed almost alike ”, says Sanromà.

He explains that “entering the 19th century, the East underwent a change, as the industrial revolution left the roles of men and women well defined. So much so that throughout this century skirts have remained only in women’s wardrobes, something that did not happen before. In medieval and Renaissance Europe, men wore it “.

It wasn’t until the 19th century that men stopped wearing skirts. However, “unisex fashion re-emerged in the year 1968, when some designers started the so-called ‘space age’. Among these designers were fashion icons such as Paco Rabanne, Mary Quant or Pierre Cardin, who thought that the freedom of the person was above social conventions. It was a rebellion against established roles, which is why they started creating pieces that are simple yet elegant at the same time. Moreover, in order not to have any relationship with the traditionally known genre, they started using synthetic materials “.

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