Sweatpants Day: You Should Avoid These Mistakes When Wearing Them

Sweatpants Day: You Should Avoid These Mistakes When Wearing Them

Sweatpants Day: You Should Avoid These Style Mistakes

The sweatpants are through the home Officeera has become extremely popular, but in fact, comfortable pants can already look back on a 100-year history. According to some sources, they were developed in the 1920s as sportswear intended to offer their wearers full mobility and freedom. However, today’s jogging pants bear little resemblance to these garments.

Whether you wear them in summer or winter, you can’t go wrong with running pants. The variety of comfortable clothing is increasing, so you can wear comfortable joggers not only for sports, but also for various occasions: for the office or even for more formal events. However, it is important to avoid some basic usage mistakes if you want to create a neat look. (Also interesting: Business Suit of the Week: The Best Street Styles to Buy)

You are not familiar with the different types of sweatpants.

The popularity of sweatpants has resulted in there being different types to suit different occasions. So if you don’t want to risk looking sloppy, you should know all the types of running pants, where and how to wear them. (Also: The 10 best black t-shirts for men under 50 euros)

In addition to the original sports jogging pants, which are worn for physical activities and are made of slightly thicker material and have a rather loose fit, there are also the so-called lounge sweatpants; As the name suggests, these slightly more comfortable pants can be worn as absolute loungewear. Not to be forgotten, of course. daily runner, which are the most important pieces of street style; then there would be those stylish jogging pantswhich are ideal for any stylish casual outfit as they are not as baggy but still comfortable and also go well with more formal outfits.

Sweatpants that are too baggy or too tight

The right to fit in for jogging pants, regardless of type, is a snug fit around the ankle. If the bottoms of your sweatpants don’t flatter your ankles, they’re usually too big and appear baggy. Some sweatpants have ankle ties, if they don’t and they are baggy, you should choose a different pair of sweatpants. Also, jogging pants should never cover your shoes, but only come to just above the upper material, so that it looks a little socky or leathery.