Tennis for the blind, in Padua on the 23rd to try to play

Tennis for the blind, in Padua on the 23rd to try to play

A demonstration day of tennis for the blind, the game of tennis adapted to people with visual sensory disabilities, organized by UICI Padua, the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired, with the support of the amateur sports association Real Eyes Sport, headed by the Paralympic champion Daniele Cassioli, who among other disciplines promotes in his writings the practice of tennis for the blind.

The appointment is for Saturday, April 23, 2022 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Tennis 2000 Sports Center, via Pioveghetto, 9 PADUA

Tennis for the blind is a sport born in Japan in the 1980s whose practice is experiencing a phase of expansion also in Italy among people with visual disabilities. It is practiced by about fifty athletes throughout Italy, especially in Milan and Bologna, but it has not yet reached Veneto before Saturday.

Thanks to the association of Daniele Cassioli and his instructors, already operating in Veneto and in particular in Padua with the Spazio al Gesto project, supported by the Municipality of Padua, Sports Department, it will be possible to experience this discipline throughout the afternoon.

This discipline is divided into 3 variants depending on the visual capacity of the practitioners: tennis for the blind for the totally blind (category B1), tennis for the blind for the visually impaired in its two sub-variants according to the visual residue of the athletes, that is, tennis for blind category B2 and category B3. The sport is very similar to classic tennis with some necessary adjustments such as the sound of the ball, the size of the court and the number of bounces.

In addition to the material, the Real Eyes Sport association offers the experience of a monitor trained specifically for the discipline of tennis for the blind, who has attended an ad hoc training course for tennis for the blind organized by the FISPIC Federation.

It is advisable to wear sportswear (tracksuit and tennis) and take a personal towel with you. To participate in the event it is necessary to be in possession of a reinforced Greenpass and an ffp2 mask also for the companions who must carry it throughout the duration of the event.

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