Textil, the event dedicated to the sports textile supply chain

The June 20 and 21, 2022 the Convention Center from Riva del Garda will be the setting for a first edition: it is textile, the event to promote the supply chain of sports textiles made in Italy.

The fair was born from great need what has been happening in recent years, that is, the important question – world – on specific fabrics for sportswear. And in this scenario, the Italian exports of the sector are achieving performances well above the international average.
One more confirmation of the central role that the italian companies In this sector there are also exhibitor lists in reference fairsin which they represent almost 50% of the total.

Therefore, the idea of ​​creating a event dedicated to the sports textile supply chain that can also act as a stage for Italian excellence, also arises from these premises. Behind each product, in addition to the enormous quality, hides inherent tradition of SMEs in our country, which includes thevery essence of Italianity: beauty, centuries-old history, art, good food and all those characteristics that make Italy a unique and exceptional country.

textile Therefore, the goal of say all this: the Italian sports textile chain, which is part of production located in the trunkthey will be able to invite the most important clients and make them live two days of work in an environment capable of enclosing the symbolic elements of Made in Italy.

In addition to the magnificent scenery of Lake Garda, one will be installed all inclusive lounge where exhibitors can pamper their guests, also organizing visits and outdoor activities for themselves or for their companions.