Thalía: These are the ideal jeans for women aged 50 and over;  you will look much younger |  PHOTO

Thalía: These are the ideal jeans for women aged 50 and over; you will look much younger | PHOTO

Talia she is one of the most successful singers in Mexico, but also one of the most beautiful, so much so thatat 50, he is still one of the country’s fashion references. Now we are going to present some jeans that are ideal for mature women. They are said to make your appearance look younger, which can be a nice touch.

The singer is one of the celebrities with the most presence on social networks. At the moment It has more than 20 million followers and 10,000 publications. Thanks to all these publications, it was possible to corroborate which one It is the favorite model of jeans.

She wears this garment mainly when she wants to be comfortable, holidays are the moments when she wears it the most. The garment is quite youthful, since it has a fairly modern design. The garment has a series of patches and holes along the legs.

The jeans

The photo you shared Thalía on her official Instagram account shows her quite relaxed and at ease, but at the same time trendy and youthful. The postcard he shared was on a trip to the sea, as it appears next to the pier. She obviously doesn’t wear clothes to be on the beach, since she has a sweatshirt and the aforementioned jeans.

Denim pants reach to the ankles and have various rips and patches, making it ideal for those women aged 50 and over who want to continue looking young. The complete outfit was completed with pink and blue sneakers from Moschino.

This type of jeans can be found in different clothing brands, so it’s just a matter of going to the store of your choice to buy one like this model. On the other handthe sneakers are from a prestigious brand, so they are worth about $ 800, that is Approximately 20 thousand pesos.

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