The Adidas SP0041 bicycle glasses are a success

The Adidas SP0041 bicycle glasses are a success

We tested SP0041, the model born from the collaboration of the well-known brand with Marcolin: lightness, versatility and protection place it in the high range of sports optics

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The quality of the materials available to cyclists has grown exponentially in recent years. We’re not just talking about wheels, frames and groupsets mounted on bikes, but also the accessories that have increased the quality of rides for fans. This rule does not escape glasses, which with helmets form an essential combination to protect the safety of those who ride. And they are becoming more and more attractive and fashionable.


The famous sportswear brand has not yet entered the helmet market, but it has already made progress in eyewear, thanks to the partnership with Marcolin (world leader in the eyewear sector) and the new Adidas Sport Eyewear collection, born of the extraordinary technological tradition. of the brand and its constant search for innovation and design.


The first point in favor of a model to be placed in the range that contains the top of the range, are the photochromic lenses, perfectly capable of adapting to the light conditions of the day in which it circulates. The super clear coating protects the mirrored lenses from water, dirt, grease and grease stains, making them easy to clean. All this without sacrificing the lightness of the goggles, a feature that sharply guides cyclists’ choices. The Adidas model does not weigh 30 grams (28 to be exact). The SP0041 are equipped with an easy mounting clip on the front, to offer any ophthalmic correction to athletes who need it. Adjustable rubber ends with metal core ensure a perfect fit on any face shape. Obviously, it is a very suitable model also for those who compete in demanding cross-country skiing, in which you are in the saddle for up to 5/6 hours.


We tested the SP0041 model in these first days of spring, in a lap that exceeded 4 hours. Despite being much less impressive in terms of size than many models that have been popular in recent times, the protection it offers is almost total. The side cover, less impressive at first glance, still allows for great side protection. Even if you don’t mind off-road sections and maybe you’re driving on gravel, don’t worry about dust. The long drought that has affected northern Italy has caused desert dust to be kicked up at every step on the ground, but SP0041 proved to be very suitable in this situation as well. The price ranges between 179 and 209 euros.