the best jacket for rainy days

the best jacket for rainy days

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Do you have a trench coat in the closet? I admit it was difficult for me to carry it. However, I am now a staunch follower of the waterproof. And it is that it is proven that it goes well with everything and provides that too touch of personality and style to the Look newspaper that we seek so much

Classic and in neutral colors, combined, reversible, removable … And even in unexpected colors or blends of textures. The famous trench coat is, without a doubt, the most combinable garment in the world. You can wear it with absolutely everything you have in your wardrobe: jeans, dresses, sweaters, shirts, skinny leather jeans … and you will always be perfect.

It is synonymous with British style and I don’t know if you knew that, in 1879, Thomas Burberry invented the gabardine fabric and, thanks to its ability to repel water, it has become the perfect candidate to do the prototype officer of the British Army raincoat. Garment that Burberry presented to the United Kingdom War Office in 1901.

The trench coat proved to be so effective against humidity that the explorer Ernest Shackleton used this fabric on his 1907 expedition to Antarctica make the tents that would protect his crew.

The waterproof It is a garment classic and timeless, that is we can use it all year, but gained considerable importance during the transition seasons, fall and spring. for it flattering power and timeless elegance returns every season showcases the most sought after feats and our beliefs, thus claiming their role as the leading star of the moment and that never gets old

That’s why it’s time to do it waterproof! It is the indispensable ally of spring.

To the most classic version in its color beige, It combines in every season the boldness of modern design that filters color options such as mint green or shades of blue such as turquoise and even lemon green. Also blends of heart attack textures.

This garment is synonymous effortlessly classy, ​​as well as the lighter version of the perfect coat, as any does Look Get that air chic What are we looking for. So don’t hesitate to combine it with your best dresses, formal and informal, to have it great appearance.

Another benefit of incorporating a waterproof the thing is accentuates and harmonizes with any style. If you don’t have a trench coat yet, try it on and you will make successful combinations to look refined and modern.

The variety in waterproof It is mainly found in them different lengths, shapes of the lapels, pockets and adjustments belts, more or less wide and carved.

Any woman can find it easily ideal gabardine, combining both the body shape that its range of colors. The half-height is suitable for all women. Choose a design template with key details and bet on a longer or shorter depending on the model of your template style bonus.


He is a very boss versatile. You can use it in all kinds of styles. The options range from short dresses to wear with sneakers, to the more traditional versions, such as dress pants and good high heels. Pair it with tailored suit pants, this mix is ​​perfect for clothes from working girl.

If you match your favorite jeans and a white shirt good you’ll get a good set of basics, which will give your Look that natural, elegant and touch chic! You will get a classic finish.

Stir the trench with an oversized sweater knit, boots and skinny pants, or all in camel, to create a Look monochrome. In addition to being original, this match will shape you no doubt.

Put it on a suit jacket to go to the office or to take the children to the park with yours favorite sweatshirt. You will have a wonderful result because the waterproof allows you to create combinations of more formal garments with more random. The pairing effect with a wide trousers and a turtleneck sweater will eventually generate an incredible effect.

If you like the mix of a sweater oversized With a printed midi skirt, start pairing it with your classic trench coat to convince yourself that the waterproof I’m your thing.

And it can’t be otherwise, It’s the perfect jacket for rainy days. It is a reality. Gabardine, since its inception, has become the boss superior for rainy days.

So run away from clichés like Inspector Colombo look like or emulate Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca and opt for this super classic. It will take off the style savoir faire even in the rain.

Do you already have yours? I opted for a mint green trench coat, managing to give mine as a gift clothes that sophisticated touch, as well as renewed.

* Ana Gamallo is an image consultant.