The best jewelry models that can make you glamorous are here

The best jewelry models that can make you glamorous are here

From bold gold necklaces to big funky earrings and bright, juicy colors, jewelry is now all about the ultimate fun. This is feel-good jewelry, the kind of jewelry that instantly elevates your style and mood. 2022 jewelry trends call for attractive and meaningful looks because women are fed up with their sweatpants and staying at home. Here we tell you how you can dress up again and wear beautiful pieces of jewelry. Stay with us so you can learn more about the most popular jewelry models of 2022.

Stylish jewelry is the order of the day

The maximalist style he is currently in is a welcome change from the minimalist aesthetic of the last few seasons he is out. The jewelry has changed since last season, it is now bolder and brighter. We invite you to mix the new with the old and set color accents. No matter you wear different pieces of jewelry with a party dress, a suit, or a colorful top with jeans, these will bring joy.

Jewelry trends 2022: pearls, gold and more

The trends seen on the runways and red carpets of fall 2021 continued in the spring and summer 2022 fashion shows with chunky accessories and retro jewelry: there were, for example, oversized cocktail rings at Dior and Givenchy, knocker earrings at Versace and Carolina Herrera. and maximalist neck chains at Balmain, Givenchy and Tom Ford.

Jewelry trends 2022 – pure gold rings

Gold rings with diamonds - elegant and modern jewelry

Different variants of gold rings can be found and bought as a fashion trend in 2022. Pure gold cast in smooth shapes and extravagant designs with luxurious pavé diamonds make wide rings true statement pieces. The voluminous pieces of jewelry can win your heart easily and quickly.

Personal gold rings with zodiac signs

It is a style that is always popular. This is because designers are constantly developing new variants of these classic gold rings. Popular with both men and women, the rings feature personal and sentimental motifs and can be personalized with zodiac signs, birthstones, initials, and just about anything. Personalization can make any piece of jewelry special.

Pearls – natural elegance this season

Pearl trend 2022 - Pearls are making a comeback

Charming baroque pearls complement the 2022 pearl trend as freshwater pearls are worn alongside other types of pearls. Each of these species is a natural beauty that comes from the depths of the ocean or a lake and is unique in color and shape.

The other trend that is very popular this year is Pearlcore. The new buzzword on the web is one of the key jewelry trends of 2022, but in a new and whimsical sense, as seen on the runways. We are witnessing the return of pearls, and in an unexpected way. You can mix and match different styles and sizes of beads.

Natural elegance of the season - Pearls

The Y2K inspired jewelry trend has become very popular this year. Certainly a trend for those who want more, it looks more alive when combined with pearls and gold, but can also be more discreet when some color comes into play. Try a single short strand of pearls, a long thin chain, or a multicolored pearl bracelet paired with a delicate metal.

Trends in jewelry 2022: thick gold chains

Thick gold chains: trendy this year

There’s no shortage of luxurious gold chains, from versatile long necklaces that can be double-wrapped for maximum impact, to chunky bracelets and drop earrings. Oversized chain links are one of the top jewelry trends for 2022, as seen on the runways. Oversized gold chains are on trend this season and make a bold statement both individually and in combination with other oversized jewelry pieces.

Many jewelers have come up with quite spectacular necklaces that can be paired with strapless, plunging necklines to support the trend. This season’s gold chains require a little more flair. Opt for a chunky chain choker with an eye-catching charm, like a gemstone. Necklaces are personal because they can be linked to lockets, pendants, and family heirlooms.

candy colored trinkets

Jewelry Trends 2022 - Sweet Colored Jewelry

A nice piece of gold or silver still has its place, but if you can get some color this season, you sure won’t regret it. Bold and juicy colors add a touch of energy to the jewelry. From shimmering polishes to radiant gemstones, bright colors are everywhere. There are different variations of carved tropical flower pendants and chunky gemstone rings. The new jewelery collections with numerous colors bring with them the feeling of spring.

the money comes back

Silver returns in 2022

Silver is taking center stage in 2022, not only in timeless ways, but also with an edgy, punk edge. Think of twisted corrugated metal shapes and heavy chains made of pointed, curved, knotted links.

Maximalist earrings as one of the 2022 jewelry trends

Large earrings are always in fashion, this year too

Large earrings are always in style, but this year they are even bolder. You have several options to choose from because every jewelry designer has their take on oversized earrings.

Wear large earrings - elegant jewelry

The flowers are in power

Trends in jewelry 2022 - Flowers are in power

Flowers are obviously in for spring, as is your jewelry. Floral earrings, necklaces and rings are making a comeback, adding much-needed flower power to all your spring looks. It’s great that you can wear this trend in different combinations, whether it’s dainty or more like the 70’s when maximalism-retro style was all the rage.