“The most powerful tool to save humanity is mathematics” |  women and travelers

“The most powerful tool to save humanity is mathematics” | women and travelers

Clara Grima (Seville, 1971) cries when she teaches mathematics. She gets excited when she proposes a theorem in her Applied Mathematics class at the University of Seville and sees how her students solve problems. “How beautiful is the human mind, what the ability to do beautiful things. Mathematics and painting, to choose an art, are the same thing ”, confesses Grima to the journalist Joana Bonet during this video interview aboard a train. And it is precisely the wagons, her favorite places to practice them: “Since the trains are now so comfortable, here I work on mathematics and do a lot of calculations. In an AVE Madrid-Seville I taught a man to multiply matrices. When he got off in Córdoba, he left very happy, wanting to tell his nephew “, comments the interviewee.

Grima focuses her efforts as a teacher and popularizer to bring mathematics to the students of the institute in a playful way, where she lectures and through her blog. A real challenge, since PISA reports confirm that this topic is stifling in Spain. “Why do we have such a low level and don’t know how to teach them while we play?” Bonet asks him. “Mathematics has its share of commitment, but the first reason this happens is that children come to school hating them. We don’t take it seriously, but it is a very serious problem for the country. We need more math and mathematicians. It is the most powerful tool that exists right now to save humanity ”, the interviewee said.

She also insists on bringing women closer to this branch of science: “You used to study mathematics because you wanted to be a teacher, but now people want to work in a technology company. He is better paid and socially recognized, and even more so in our country ”, says Grima who denounces the prejudice that exists in the world of technology. “The algorithms are white, straight, Protestant and young,” she adds. “It’s very sad, but the girls are the ones who should, for the most part, serve the community, while the boys are the leaders and entrepreneurs,” she says.

The future of our lives will be marked and controlled by algorithms and artificial intelligence. But, according to the teacher, it will be for the best: “Whenever I think about self-driving cars, I think nothing better will happen in life. The number of accidents will drop dramatically. The vehicles do not take drugs, they do not drink, they do not get angry… They are machines designed by us ”, underlines this scientist.

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