the physical test schedule has been published

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Contest 1479 Penitentiary Police: published the calendar of physical tests


  1. The physical efficiency tests of the public contest, by examination and qualification, for a total of n. 1479 (1109 men; 370 women) student officers of the Penitentiary Police Corps, announced with PDG October 28, 2021 published in the Official Gazette IV Special Series Contests and exams n. 89 of November 9, 2021, will take place in theAthletics sports facilities “Tre Fontane”, Via delle Tre Fontane, 25 – 27 – 29 Romeaccording to the procedures indicated in the PCD of April 22, 2020, from May 2 to 16, 2022.
  2. Candidates who have passed the exam and have been admitted to the next phase must present themselves, equipped with the appropriate sports clothing, at the aforementioned office to be subjected to the evaluation of physical efficiency, on the day and time indicated in theAppendix 1 (male candidates) and inAppendix 2 (candidates), equipped with:
    • valid identification document;
    • COVID-19 green certification (COVID-19 digital EU certificate) in force.
    • receipt of the application for participation in the contest. Those who need to print the receipt can access the electronic form used to submit the application for participation in the contest through SPID;
    • under penalty of exclusion from the contesta valid certificate of competitive sports aptitude for athletics, in accordance with the decree of the Ministry of Health of February 18, 1982 and subsequent amendments, issued by doctors belonging to the Italian Sports Medical Federation or, in any case, to the health public facilities or private agreements, in which doctors specialize in the practice of “sports medicine”;
    • self-declaration duly completed and signed, updated to the date of the meeting (annex 3).
  3. In order to protect the confidentiality of personal data, in compliance with current legislation, each candidate identifies himself with the identification code of his application for participation in the contest. In case of multiple presentation of the application form, the candidate must take into consideration the identification code of the application sent last, understanding the previous ones totally and definitively revoked and devoid of effect, as required by the last paragraph of article 4, subparagraph 1, of the announcement of the contest.
  4. It is reiterated that, in accordance with article 3, paragraph 5, of the call for competition, pending verification of possession of the requirements, all applicants participate “with reservation” in the subsequent phases of the competition procedure. Contestants who do not meet the prescribed requirements are excluded, at any time, from the contest, by decree of the General Director of Human Resources..
  5. All interested parties must meet the following requirements:
    • show up strictly on the day and at the indicated time, without escorts, equipped with an FFP2 protective mask;
    • respect the codified safety distance;
    • maintain adequate vocal moderation, understood both as a limitation of the use and tone of the voice, and of expressive excitement;
    • only one small bag or backpack with personal effects and/or food and drinks is allowed;
    • do not come to the place indicated if you have one or more of the following symptoms: temperature above 37.5 ° C and chills; cough; breathing difficulties; sudden loss or decrease in smell, loss or change in taste; throat pain;
    • not appear if you are subject to the measure of quarantine or fiduciary home isolation and / or the prohibition of removal from the home / home as a measure to prevent the spread of COVID – 19 contagion.
  6. Upon entering the facility, the temperature will be detected and in the event of a value greater than 37.5°C or other symptoms attributable to Covid-19, entry will be denied.
    Candidates are required to strictly comply with the instructions that will be provided from time to time by the operational staff..
  7. Candidates who do not appear at the place, day and time established for the aforementioned checks will be considered excluded from the competition.
  8. Candidates who are suitable for the evaluation of physical efficiency will undergo psychophysical and aptitude tests, which will take place from June 6, 2022, at the place, date and time that will be communicated to them later.