the province had more than 20,600 inhabitants last year, mostly foreigners

the province had more than 20,600 inhabitants last year, mostly foreigners

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The lifestyle in the province of Malaga it is maintained and enhanced. This is confirmed by the data published on Tuesday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), which reveal an increase in the census population in its 103 municipalities. As of January 1, 2022, there are 1,716,303 people living in the province.

An increase of 20,652 citizens compared to the same date of 2021 which gives continuity to the continuous growth that has been recorded since 1971, when the registered citizens were only 853,567.

Of the total population, 1,430,000 were born in Spain while the rest 286,303 took their first steps abroad. And this is a detail to take into consideration. Because if the two groups of residents grow, foreigners do so to a greater extent. Specifically, 4.9% more citizens were born beyond our borders in the last year. In absolute terms, this is 13,302 more.

A fact that confirms to what extent the attractiveness of Malaga It grew stronger during the period of the pandemic, in which many chose to have a second residence in the province. Official statistics show this, since at the beginning of 2020, the first year hit by the coronavirus, there were about 270,000 foreigners malagueños.

And what are the main ones countries of origin? The UK, despite the fears it had years ago in relation to Brexit, is once again gaining a presence in the province. Citizens of this nationality total 55,778, 2,278 more than a year ago. By country of origin, in absolute terms, it is followed by Morocco, with 33,985 neighbors; Italy, with 15,889, and Ukraine, with 11,567.

The numbers of INE continuous register position the province of Malaga as the sixth most populous province earlier this year. However, of the main ones it is the one that wins closest. The 20,652 new people of Malaga exceed the 15,961 new people of Alicante, or the 13,813 new people of Valencia, or the 6,181 new people of Barcelona.

Madrid remains the most populated province, with 6,744,456, just under a year earlier; Barcelona follows with 5,720,911; Valencia, with 2,603,125; Seville, with 1,946,966, and Alicante, with 1,897,323.

The INE database provides information on the breakdown by gender and age group of members. In the case of Malaga, the majority of its residents are women, with 876,250, against 840,053 men. As for the ages, the The largest group is that of people between 16 and 44 years old, with 617,536; those between 45 and 64 years old follow, with 516,093; those who are 65 or older, with 311,573, and those between 0 and 15, with 271,101.