The spring summer 2022 mask sunglasses, for athletes

The spring summer 2022 mask sunglasses, for athletes

Eye mask sunglasses are a accessory that became a cult in the 80s, taking the style of the ski slopes also on the promenade of the tourist towns. Today, designers see those years as their main source of inspiration for street style and sportswear, proposing collections with a retro aesthetic but always current. To be exploited for outdoor sports or as a touch of bold style, here are 5 mask sunglasses to buy on Amazon.

Mask Sunglasses with Smoke Gray Lenses Adidas

Two-tone sunglasses with orange inserts


Equipped with a single high-quality maxi lens that offers maximum protection to the eyes from the harmful action of the sun’s rays, adidas mask sunglasses are a complement to a sporty and dynamic aesthetic. Coming in a color scheme of smoky gray and orange silicone inserts, they’re a perfect complement to a street-inspired look.

Smith Optics Oversized Mask Sunglasses

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Wildcat model sunglasses

Smith Optics

The Smith Optics maskless sunglasses are a monochromatic model in total-black, with an oversize lens with a gradient effect. The comfortable silicone frame allows you to wear them for a long time without irritating your skin, while the lightweight structure ensures maximum comfort. They’re also great to use for a cycling training session.

Mask sunglasses with Bollé rubber frame

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Shifter Sunglasses


With smaller dimensions than the classic ski-inspired versions and with a more compact and slender design, these Bollé Shifter sunglasses are the most suitable option for athletes and those who love practicing outdoor sports. , from trekking to climbing.

Oakley Mask Sunglasses with Multi Color Lenses

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White Frame Sunglasses


In the spirit of an eclectic and original style, Oakley sunglasses have a maxi-size goggle silhouette, which focuses on the power of color. In fact, the white frame contrasts with the eclecticism of the mirror effect lens, in which shades of orange, purple and yellow alternate.

Polaroid Polarized Mask Sunglasses

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Sunglasses in blue and yellow.


Stemming from underground retro imagery and one of the many American sitcoms of the late ’80s and ’90s, Polaroid sunglasses bring all the benefits of polarized lenses into a mask design, blending quirky, multi-color style with the best quality of materials. . The fluorescent combination of the neon yellow frame and blue lens certainly packs a punch.

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