the success of specialized portals –

the success of specialized portals –

In recent years, interest incustom sportswear, a growing trend in Italy and in the rest of the world. According to data from Google Trends, the last 12 months are increase online searches in sportswear products, with a greater interest of athletes and sports clubs in the online purchase of technical clothing.

According to the report Sportswear Market Outlook of PWC, despite the fact that the sportswear market has experienced a setback in 2020 due to the Covid19 pandemic, significant growth is expected in the sector in the coming years, with a turnover expected to exceed 350,000 million in 2023 Worldwide. In Italy the sector should grow at an average rate of 4% until 2025especially with a strengthening of the e-commerce channel.

They are precisely the specialized portals to get positive feedback, websites that offer dedicated services for those who want to buy online technical clothing for sport and complete equipment for clubs, sports associations and competitive and amateur teams.

The best portals specialized in online sportswear

Of course it is important choose the right portal carefullyturning to qualified online stores capable of offering quality and customizable products.

There is one of the best companies in the sector. Runnek (official Web site: highly specialized portal where you can find quality sportswear and technical team clothing.

The products offered on are made with innovative technologies and exclusive fabricsto guarantee light, soft and breathable garments, perfect for the needs of athletes.

In addition, you can customize each garment to get bespoke technical garmentscustomizing the products with graphics according to the image of your team.

Within the portal it is possible to order and personalize short and long-sleeved technical t-shirts, polo shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, jackets, vests and pants, with many accessories to complete the equipment of athletes capable of satisfying all needs.

What to consider when choosing sportswear

When you have to buy sportswear, it is essential to ensure that it is quality clothing, capable of guaranteeing optimal performance to support athletes during training and competitions. The label must first provide all the information necessary to assess product qualityindicating for example if the garment is hypoallergenic, breathable and light.

The main characteristics of sportswear products, in fact, are lightness, breathability and comfort, to ensure that the athlete’s clothing is comfortable and functional for the expression of sports performance. At the same time, the products must provide a good thermal insulation if used in winter, it protects the athlete from the cold but without compromising breathability needs.

Obviously it is essential choose the right size, to ensure optimal fit and excellent comfort at every stage of training or competition. should not be underestimated technical clothing designselecting garments that can provide high performance in terms of comfort, lightness and breathability, without neglecting the enhancement of the style of the sports outfit.

Today the best products for sportswear are manufactured with state-of-the-art technologies, technical solutions that allow you to take advantage of clothing appropriate to the athlete’s body and the type of discipline practiced.

On the other hand, research and development are two essential processes in this field, since they guarantee a constantly updated systems for the production and development of advanced fabrics for the needs of athletes.

The added value of personalized sports products

An added value in the choice of technical clothing for sports is the possibility of customizing the garments, personalizing the garments with custom graphics and projects that involve the development of the logo, the insertion of a slogan or the choice of colors for sportswear. Some companies allow you to achieve 100% personalized garmentsan increasingly popular solution today for sportswear.

It is an aspect that allows you increase the popularity of the sports associationfor example when athletes participate in tests and events in the sector.

In addition, tailored sportswear allows you strengthen the membership of athletes in your club or teamto consolidate involvement in the project and increase the link of athletes to their reference sports organization.