The technical sportswear to buy now

The technical sportswear to buy now

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Technical sportswear is the subject of research that borders on the laboratory, with chemical tests, resistance tests and fabric compatibility with the skin, aimed at offering the best possible product. A notable change from the approach that defined training just a few years ago, where you wore discarded t-shirts and old pants in the hope of not having to spoil new, quality clothes. Now, the leading sportswear brands have become a benchmark for all athletes who want to train comfortably, enhancing their performance (also) thanks to their look. Between thermal jerseys, windbreakers and muscle support pants, here is a selection of the best technical sportswear available on Amazon.

InBike Windbreaker Jacket

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Waterproof thermal sports jacket


InBike, a brand specializing in the production of cycling clothing, offers a sports jacket that is ideal for both a healthy ride and a race session. The two-tone model, in black and fluorescent lime, is made with windproof technology, excellent for limiting thermal impact during sports. In addition, the outer layer is completely waterproof, favoring training even on rainy days. With a high protective collar and two side welt pockets, it is a comfortable and practical garment to wear in your daily training.

Under Armor Short Sleeve Athletic Top

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Technical t-shirt model ‘Comp’ in dark blue color

under armor

Under Armor is a name associated with principles of quality and performance, a benchmark for any athlete who wants to invest in excellent technical clothing. In this case, the proposal revolves around a short-sleeved sports shirt, the ‘Comp’ model, made of dark blue technical fabric. With a slim fit accentuated by the elastic material and HeatGear technology, which makes it light but resistant, the model is designed with a quick-drying system, which regulates perspiration, making training easier and more enjoyable.

Pants with AMZSPORT Compression System

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Quick Dry Sports Leggings


The most innovative technical sportswear is often equipped with a muscle compression system. Functional technology that aims to support major muscle groups during loosening is essential to limit post-workout injuries or soreness. AMZSPORT equips its sports pants with an excellent compression system, designed to reduce hip, quadriceps, thigh and calf fatigue. Facilitating the removal of lactate and creatine kinase, by-products of exertion and muscle damage, the garment is also equipped with quick-dry technology to limit excessive sweating.

Gore Wear Thermal Technical Shirt

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Windproof long-sleeved sports t-shirt

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Ideal for a training session in the gym or for training outdoors, from running to cycling or calisthenics, the Gore Wear technical shirt is a basic and must-have piece for any sports outfit. The strong point of the model is, obviously, the excellent performance of resistance and elasticity, which guarantee total freedom of movement without sacrificing the muscle support offered by the technical fabric. Waterproof, with a thermal regulation system and equipped with windproof technology, it is an excellent garment to wear both in winter and in spring.

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