They support sustainable fashion initiatives of 55 women in Bogotá

They support sustainable fashion initiatives of 55 women in Bogotá

As part of its commitment to strengthening the business, Banco de Bogotá launched the “Crédito para la moda” on Thursday 7 April, designed to support the acceleration of initiatives in the fashion system, which includes sectors such as leather goods, footwear, clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, among others, under the program Women who change fashionthat the financial entity develops in alliance with Inexmoda.

More than 130 companies from different regions of the country have applied for this program. Of these, 55 met the criteria of the call, including the implementation of sustainable practices in the social, environmental, economic and cultural spheres.

The selected projects will begin a five-month training course on strategy, business model, product, brand, business strategy, e-commerce and finance. At the end, five brands will have the opportunity to participate in the Colombiamoda 2022 event and another 10 will be able to participate in the Ceres community of Inexmoda entrepreneurs. They will also have financing, through the credit line designed for the fashion system, and will be able to exhibit their models in the windows that the Bank has adapted in various cities in the country to make their talent visible.

Isabel Cristina Martínez, Banco de Bogotá’s Vice President of Sustainability and Business Services, explained at a press conference that she is very proud of the progress of the Women Changing Fashion program to accelerate women-led entrepreneurship.

“To complement, at Banco de Bogotá we study the dynamics of production and marketing of the fashion system and today we present the ‘Crédito para la moda’, a product that offers entrepreneurs a three-month grace period online, plus agile access from the Bank’s website, $ 1 million funding and payment terms of up to 60 months”Said Martinez.

For his part, Carlos Eduardo Botero, director of Inexmoda, stressed that he supports those women who, through entrepreneurship, dream of contributing to sustainability in the environmental, social, cultural and economic spheres. He specified that according to data from the World Bank, women are partners or owners of 67% of the Fashion System companies in Colombia. “So empowering female entrepreneurship is fundamental for the social and entrepreneurial fabric,” he said.

Among the participants in this initiative are brands such as: Infinita es Infinita, by Catalina Carvajal, who makes her designs with fabrics made of recycled polyester from PET plastic bottles and has implemented printing processes with ECO Passport Certification inks. In the same way, the Manifesta brand participates, a project directed by Ángela Herrera, which communicates stories of reconciliation and supports the reintegration of former Farc guerrillas. Y Tarpui, a brand led by Lina Bermeo, who works with the natural dyes of the seeds and to regenerate the ecosystem, which donates a percentage of each piece sold for the planting of native species.

Banco de Bogotá has made available to them windows in the offices of Bogotá, Medellín and Barranquilla, located in strategic points of each city, so that business women have the opportunity to exhibit their designs and their brand, as the great designers of the world do in the shop windows of shopping malls or busy streets.

Through an innovative and sustainable proposal, each showcase will have pieces designed with recyclable products, acquired from foundations that support vulnerable populations, where customers and passers-by of the institution will be able to observe a staging supported by the design of lights and shadows, with LED reflectors that emulate the fashion trend.

“We know how difficult it is for female entrepreneurs to have the same visibility as big brands. It takes a lot of investment to have a showcase at 11 with 82. If we have those showcases, why not donate them to those entrepreneurs? Their ideas and proposals are as innovative as all of them and deserve to have the same visibility as the big names, they deserve to attract new customers, to project themselves as a brand. This should be part of our task as your allies, “said Juan Gómez, advertising and brand manager of Banco de Bogotá.

In Bogotá, the shop window located in the office on Calle 81 with 11 was designed with recycled denim and cardboard with the SSC sustainability seal. The fabric was purchased by a foundation that works for the rehabilitation of drug addicts. For the design of the Medellín and Barranquilla shop windows, recycled material was used, such as waste paper, cardboard and printing tubes. All this, so that every showcase goes online to the processes that carry on the businesses of these women who are changing fashion.