This is the perfume that unites the most feminine (and powerful) women.

This is the perfume that unites the most feminine (and powerful) women.

Let’s do the test. If you think about a perfume, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Definitely concepts that resemble you, such as its smell, its intensity, its memory or its beauty. Like this, if you consider yourself a strong womanwith a bold and assertive personality and the confidence to express yourself through perfume, you are in luck.

And that’s it, ever since it launched in 2016 the stiletto bottle from Good girl, from Carolina Herrerahas become a symbol of sophisticated female emancipation. years later it would arrive Very good girl, a new version much more CH, more surprising and more contemporary capable of equaling (and exceeding) the success of its predecessor. And how they say there are no two without three now the iconic perfume which is enclosed behind the high-heeled shoe, is renewed with Very good girl glamoran ode to the power of femininity enclosed in a bold and dazzling fragrance.

This is the smell of Very Good Girl Glam

What can you expect from a bright and bold bottle in the shape of a high-heeled shoe deep cherry red imbued with a cascade of dazzling and glamorous glitter? This perfume, created by Quentin Bisch, Louise Turner and Shyamala Maisondieu, has an incredible floral aroma with woody touches. Fruity accords of black cherry, intense bitter almond, a heart with notes of rose and lily, and a base of bourbon vanilla and vetiver stand out.

As a novelty, perfumers have managed to apply the recycling rose water that would normally have discarded and re-extracted it. In this way, they not only avoided distilling a new quantity of flowers, but also discovered a range of shades different from that offered by the essential oil. Without a doubt, a perfect example of the way in which Carolina Herrera tirelessly searches for ways to use it the most beautiful and sustainable products for the world and its inhabitants.

perfume very good glam girl

International models Olivia Vinten, Ash Foo, Precious Lee and Dilone are part of the Good Girl family along with Karlie Kloss.

Carolina Herrera

A hymn to the new femininity

Karlie KlossGood Girl ambassador since 2016, she shares the spotlight with the models on this occasion Precious Lee, Dilone, Ash Foo and Olivia Vinten, who are already part of this family. Each of them is able to provide a different facet of the fragrance: cheerful and subtle, feminine and strong, mischievous and mysterious.

Starting from precious Lee, the innovative model from Atlanta, who considers herself a “radical of self-love” and who brings exuberance and dynamism to her first campaign with Carolina Herrera. And what about Dilone, the New York model who showed her personality when her first modeling agency told her to straighten her signature curls to work in the fashion industry. She refused, the agency fired her and the rest is history.

Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl Glam (80ml)

and also Ash Foo, who won her battle against cancer by becoming one of the most acclaimed models in the industry and an inspiration and role model for her authenticity. Finally, there’s the original Good Girl and full-time icon, Karlie Klosswhose character perfectly embodies and who takes advantage of this new campaign for recover the power of motherhood: She is now a mother herself and credits her parents with helping her become the amazing good girl she is today.

Indeed, and for celebrate mother’s daynothing better than giving Very Good Girl Glam by Carolina Herreraa real tribute to those women who exude vital enthusiasm and that necessary security a claim yourself and the planet they live on.

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