What a Woman: the forum dedicated to women turns ten – El Sol de Toluca

What a Woman: the forum dedicated to women turns ten – El Sol de Toluca

Giving power and celebrating Mexican women indiscriminately is the commitment that the What a Woman (WW) platform, founded by Paola Reyner and Ana Paula Simón, has been maintaining for 10 years.

It is a space where conferences, workshops and activities are held, which seek to enrich knowledge and create a forum of expression, where women share their experiences, sit in community and are listened to.

After adapting to the times and becoming a digital forum, the 2022 edition is full of surprises for all participants, in addition to the fact that it has become the most anticipated event of the year for all lovers of wellness.

“A decade is easy to say, but it has been years of work and adding people who want to celebrate hardworking women and entrepreneurs struggling to make their dreams come true, today we are very excited to be returning to our physical edition,” she said. Paola Reyner via a digital link during the presentation.

This year it will take place on May 14 and 15 at the St. Regis hotel in Mexico City, where it is expected to bring together approximately five thousand women and more than 100 speakers and experts in sexuality, fashion, beauty, Welfarenutrition, among others.

Furthermore, it is planned to renew the platform and bring more people closer, which is why after the success of its latest edition, which took place digitally, this year there will also be the possibility to participate virtually. More than 10 thousand connected women are expected for this format.

“We decided to create the platform because we realized there was no space for it to celebrate us as women and where we could pamper ourselves and meet new people. Our goal is professional and personal; we try to generate empathy among women and empower ourselves, ”added Reyner.

For her part, the journalist Jimena Álvarez, who hosted the presentation event, invited all women to join WW “It will be a totally innovative experience, continue to learn together, adapt, renew and continue to grow hand in hand hand with all the women who fight every day to be better, to move forward and to achieve all their dreams and goals, ”she commented.

The presentation was also attended by some of the speakers such as model and writer Ana Carbajal, who will participate in Magic Vibes, a space designed to disconnect from routine and stress and enter a magical and positive world to reconnect with themselves.

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“Talking about this I think is my life mission, it is a passion that I have found and that I want to convey in this edition of WW, that women accept themselves, regardless of condition or size,” she said.

Also present was Pamela Herrera, who will talk about sexuality. Fernanda Borja, holistic health specialist and Cecilia Aguilera, certified coach and creator of Fitinspiration.