What is Lookiero, an online personal shopper service, and how does it work: the test

What is Lookiero, an online personal shopper service, and how does it work: the test

Imagine being able to receive at home the right clothes for every occasion, chosen especially for you by a personal shopper: a dream of few? Not anymore, now that technology makes it possible to make available to all services that previously required amazing figures, your colors and who knows how to create perfect combinations for each occasion, now it is available to everyone, thanks to an app designed especially for it. It’s called Lookiero and it offers an online personal shopper service. Founded six years ago, it arrived in Italy in 2019. Today it is active in eight European countries and has more than three million customers.

The intelligence of the algorithm.

A few simple operations on the smartphone are enough for the personal shopper to get an idea of ​​what is right for him. You can describe your physical shape, indicate size and colors, select the type of attire (casual, elegant, office, sports, etc.). You can provide more information by answering a few questions, such as what kind of clothes you are particularly interested in and don’t need, the price range you are willing to spend, etc. But things don’t end there: the app is equipped with an algorithm designed to discover your tastes little by little through a simple activity. Photos of clothes are shown to you in sequence and you have to choose if you like them or not. Attention: these clothes are not the ones you will receive at home. They only serve to allow the algorithm to better understand who you are and what you like. The more you participate in this activity, the more you will help the personal shopper to understand your tastes. Once these operations have been carried out, you can order the package that will arrive directly at your home in a few days. You will receive “surprise” items chosen especially for you by the personal shopper. Of course, if something you don’t like or isn’t the right size, you can always return it free of charge. You will pay only after delivery and only for the items you have decided to keep.

attention to people

Lookiero can be an ideal solution for those who do not have the time or desire to go shopping and in any case for those who prefer to have the opinion of an expert to guide them in choosing their style. But who is behind all this? We went to the Lookiero office in Milan to meet some of the 200 personal shoppers who work for this app. “Our job is to inspire thousands of women every day, so that they can discover and appreciate the best version of themselves – says Ilaria Colombo, Lookiero’s personal shopper – We combine the needs expressed by customers with our knowledge of fashion, trends and style: In this way, we create the box by selecting the elements that we believe are most suitable for it. Our goal is to help women find the style that best represents them, that makes them feel comfortable with themselves and with the clothes they wear.”