What should bring fashion 2022

What should bring fashion 2022

The fashion industry is full of surprises. But some things are already suspected in advance. It will be sporty and future-oriented: a preview of the year 2022.

Looking at last year, fashion developments are already forecast for this year. Anything related to space is still considered a major source of inspiration: in 2021 there were some great space moments in history, keyword: space tourism. The spatial affinity of some will once again inspire avant-garde design this year. There is talk of the second “space age” of fashion. This was already recognizable in various fashion moments over the past year, such as shoes.

Yes, the Yeezy (formerly Kanye West) label “Foam Runner” model could have easily been worn by ET when it landed on planet Earth. By the way, American designer Salehe Bembury is considered a pioneer of futuristic shoe design. It wasn’t until the end of 2021 that he cooperated with Crocs and created a strange shoe similar to the “Foam Runner”. Fashion shopping platform Lyst also assumes in its annual “Year in Fashion” report that this was just Bembury’s warm-up.

On progressive tracks

It shouldn’t just be more futuristic in terms of shape and design. New technologies for the creative process allow clothing to be rethought beyond its aesthetics. The trend is towards fashion that can be experienced through all the senses; haptics in particular need to be addressed. All kinds of raw materials, such as wood or mushrooms, are made portable.

In addition to this avant-garde, overly ornate things will probably get a break for the time being. The hope of chic minimalism is Phoebe Philo: she announced her own brand of the same name in the middle of last year. She stepped down from her role as creative director at Céline in 2017, and her return as designer is expected to reflect her typical minimalist aesthetic and narrowed understanding of luxury.

Outside the Box

Meanwhile, the fashion industry is increasingly turning to the sports sector. At the Tokyo Olympics, more fashion houses than ever had a hand in the athletes’ uniforms and casual looks. Some luxury maisons were also interested in football. French footballer Kylian Mbappé became the new face of Dior. 2022 is the men’s soccer World Cup. This is likely to intensify the fashion industry’s commitment to sports.

2021 was also the year of the most unusual collaborations. Beer Stella Artois has partnered with streetwear brand Palace, designer Heron Preston has improved Mercedes Benz airbags and brought them into fashion. Technogym, the market leader in fitness equipment in Austria, has launched a collection of luxury equipment in a joint venture with Dior. Apparently, any industry can play with the big players in fashion. More of that is also expected in 2022.

Technogym x Dior
Technogym x Diorprovided

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