Who was Aenne Burda?  The woman who revolutionized women’s fashion in Germany after the Second World War

Who was Aenne Burda? The woman who revolutionized women’s fashion in Germany after the Second World War


This is a true storythe story on which the film is based Aenne Burda: a life between seams. Anna Burda He was a publisher who revolutionized women’s fashion in Germany after World War II. He did this by launching a magazine that is still published today in 90 countries around the world. Married to a famous publisher, she initially did not have her support but she did took advantage of an infidelity to achieve your goal.

One could say so Anna Burda Era the first influencer. You have led a cinematic life which is transferred to the screen in the film Aenne Burda: a life between seams, broadcast this Thursday on Antena 3. But who was Aenne Burda? What did you do to be considered the first influencerHow and why did you revolutionize the fashion world?

The story dates back to early 20th century Germany. Aenne Burda was born in 1909 and after the end of the Second World War she founded a typography and then launched a women’s fashion magazine with one goal: “To create practical garments at an affordable price that can be worn by as many women as possible”. To this end, she has included fashion models in her magazine, which today continues to be published in 90 countries and 16 languages ​​under the name Burda Fashionbut let’s go back to the beginning of the story.

Aenne Burda’s family life

Anna Burda, which is brought to life on screen by the actress and director Katharina Wackernagel, was born in 1909 in Offenburg (Germany). His name has a nice story, his parents gave it to him after the popular song Anchen von Tharau.

At the age of 17 she was already working as a cashier at the Offenburg electricity company. She was 21 when she met her her husband, the typographer and publisher Franz Burda II, son of Franz Burda I, founder of the Burda Group. YupTheir relationship began as a friendship and a year later, when Aenne was 22, they got married. It was July 9, 1931.

Aenne and Franz, who is brought to life on screen by actor Fritz Karl, had it three children: Franz (1932), Frieder (1936) and Hubert (1940). The little girl is married to actress Maria Furtwängler.

The empire of women’s magazines

Aenne Burda’s success was to create an empire of women’s fashion magazines and bring the world of Haute Couture closer to the middle class. She did it without the support of her husband. Franz Burda refused to finance the idea through his company, considering women shouldn’t interfere in men’s affairs.

She did not give up her efforts and took advantage of the fact that her husband had been unfaithful to her to force him to support her. Thus, she was able to move forward with his purpose of hers.

launched the magazine Favoritewhich in 1950 was renamed Burda Moden and that from 1952 began to appear inside sheets of paper with patterns for clothes.

In 1987 Burda Moden became the first Western magazine published in the Soviet Union. The magazine sponsored the first beauty contest to be held in the USSR in 1988.

It was a real revolution and Aenne Burda became one one of the symbols of the German economic miracle. The editor died in 2005 at the age of 96, but the magazine continues to be published under the name Burda Fashion in 90 countries and 16 different languages. The essence remains the same as when it was born: a magazine with fashion models, style trends and textile advice for one person to make their own practical and tasteful clothes.

An infidelity that was a business opportunity

In a sense, the success of Aenne Burda It was knowing how to take advantage of her husband’s infidelity. After hearing and learning that Franz’s lover, his former secretary Elfriede Breuer, had had a daughter, not divorced. He asked for your support to register the publishing house in his name.

Thus, becoming her own boss and with a team of 48 employees, she launched the first magazine, Favorite. What happened next, we already know.

As for marriage, their relationship was limited to being exclusively commercial. Aenne, who was already 40 at the time, focused on her work and hired services to help her at home and with the kids, meanwhile she gradually learned how to run her business. She has succeeded and successfully.